Tuesday, August 2, 2011

random happies and a lil' drama

I went to Ikea yesterday. I love IKEA. I used to be a snob regarding IKEA. Then I had kids and decided to stay home. Hence the reason I now super LOVE IKEA.

It doesn't hurt that I can check in 3 boys who were driving me nuts with their potty talk (Jack), tattling (Luke), and sassy talk (Charlie).

I gave my usual, "Be good. Make good choices" speech.

Then I bent down and looked Jack (3) in the eyes and very clearly said, "no potty talk. No climbing on your brothers. No yelling at other children."

Have I mentioned that although he's a sensitive little snuggle bug, that he's going through the terrible 3's and we're tempted to find a bootcamp for preschoolers?

I went to buy a dresser for Jack and Charlie's room. I found the dresser along with these colorful knives I desperately needed and a tray that is too cute, but I really didn't need. But it's IKEA and I can afford to buy something that I don't really need when it is $7.


Have I mentioned that I love IKEA yet?

When I picked up the boys, I was greeted with, "Mom! Jack was soooo horrible."

He managed to do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I clearly instructed him not to do.

So no frozen yogurt cone for him. I stuck to my guns as he threw the largest tantrum of his life as we walked out of IKEA and through the parking lot. I'm sure everyone in San Diego heard him wail, "I want ice cream!" over and over again.

Lil' dude was not getting his ice cream.

As we were half way home, Charlie urgently announced that he had to go to the bathroom. I pulled over at Target and found these beauties on sale for $12.99. They had me at "hello."

I almost don't care that it is hot and sticky. I want to throw on a pair of jeans and wear these sassy red flats stat.


Hope your week is filled with some awesome random happies too.

Much love,



Erin said...

Is it just me or does the hour of free babysitting at IKEA seem like only 5 minutes? I feel like I have to sprint through the store to get back to the play room in time. But I love every second of it! Next time we need to meet up there!

Genn said...

Cute red flats!
I heart Target in a majorly big way.
Don't have an Ikea close by so I never go.
But just yesterday I saw on another blog (Forever Folding Laundry) that she just went to Ikea and bought the same bird tray. Funny. Cute!

heartland farmhouse said...

Just click your heals together & wish Mama! ;)
Way to stick to your GUNS!


gratefulmama said...

I just got the IKEA catalog in the mail today and really want to go. I haven't been in years because it gives me anxiety that I can't find the exit once in there. Too overwhelming but so worth all the great stuff!

{cuppakim} said...

those flats are SASS-YYY!!
you are gonna rock them.

especially with your TOUGH MOM gig you have going

that is awesome.

you definitely deserved them.

quite the ikea day keri at Forever Folding Laundry got that same tray - which someone commented above too haha. :) So funny. it definitely is SUPER cute.

Adrian said...

I love Ikea too!! I'm always finding something that I don't need but have to have there. That tray is super cute and so are those flats.
And I don't believe in the terrible 2's. I think it's the horrible 3's and it's just getting started for me.

april@gingerbread said...

oh em gee...you are such a teacher...make good choices is what i say 100times a day! LOVES

Annika said...

Love how you seized the moment and bought yourself a pair of shoes! :o) Regarding IKEA, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Nearly all my furniture is from there, and I love the look of the catalogues and the meatballs and hotdogs. But every time I actually go to the store, I feel like I need to get out again after half an hour! Too many people in that maze-like layout, and everybody usually is having discussions about what to buy or not to buy and there is a tangible air of stress around!!!

Heather from wearetheholdens.blogspot.com said...

Ok, Katie... I love all of the happie's you found & purchased! The knives are so great and the shoes you will definitely rock out! :)

Mrs. T said...

OH MY GRACIOUS I love that plate!!

Laurie J said...

those shoes rock. and to think you wouldn't have seen them if it weren't for the urgent potty break ;) !

theolivetree said...

I have never been to IKEA...the closest one is at least 8 hours away!

hannah singer said...

i want that tray! CUTENESS.
goodness, press on, mama! you're doing wonderfully!
love you

Jessica Johnson said...

do you follow keri @ forever folding laundry? she bought that same tray yesterday! and i wanted to steal it from her. but now i want to steal it from you, too! :)

and those flats are adorbs.

Cailan said...

I can completely relate to the punishment for You that follows the consequences for the little person... not so fun. ;) Those flats are darling, though - glad there was an upside to the day!

babyboybakery said...

i love this post! we went to ikea this past weekend and i ended up with rubber oven mits?! LOL! i love your blog...just become a follower! i hope you'll check out mine. i am looking forward to keeping up with you and your handsome gents. i only have one and i feel overwhelmed at times haha! uh oh!

Alyss said...

Not fun! You DID need to read that verse this morning. Crazy children. They are their own little selves.

Stephanie said...

Love the red flats, and the tray, and the knives and your accessibility to shop at ikea whenever you want to....we don't have one anywhere near me. And as usual, your post made me smile. Thanks :)

Jordan said...

I have those knives and I use them all of the time! I bought a beautiful blue cast iron skillet from Ikea that I love to death. They really are the best place to go if you need to stock your new empty home. The flats are adorable! I have some red flats and they are my go to shoe for jeans.

Nay said...

ummm....i NEED those red flats! off to Target!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Ikea is the BEST! I've seen those knives, but just haven't ever bought them. Maybe I should.
Sorry your little one was such a pill! Thankfully you didn't have to shop with him.
Those red flats are awesome, I'm going to have to check my target for them!

Brooke said...

Totally heading there soon! I love it too. I am over being a snob about ikea stuff....now that everything we own is or has been covered in snot! Lol. Plus....now that Dylan is finally potty trained....I can dump them BOTH off! Bonus. Good job sticking to your guns, btw, that is a tough one!

christi @ burlap and basil said...

i want those red flats!! i've been looking for a pair to replace my gap ones but haven't found any. i'll have to check target.

ikea is the best. a hot dog and ice cream cone is the only way my husband will go. HA! i think their stuff has changed over the years because i was anti ikea for so long, but there really are pieces that work in any house.

which dresser did you get?

Greta said...

I am going to Target tomorrow to find those shoes! It is OK if I copy you, right? :) And way to go for sticking to your guns. You rock.
Love from,

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I love IKEA, for sure. My fiance? Not so much. But I'm going to drag him there eventually because we'll need some things for our new place. ;)

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

Yes to Ikea! Yes to no ice cream for naughty boys! And yes to red shoes! :)

Amanda said...

omg love those shoes!!!! hey just wanted to let you know you were mentioned in my blog today as i nominated you for a versatile blogger award! :)