Saturday, June 11, 2011

best friends forever

Dear Summer Break,

We are counting down the school days, my friend.


We long to spend our long and lazy days with you as we dip sandy little toes in cool ocean water.


Much love,

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yellow songbird


theolivetree said...

Listen...I just read your stories and I have to tell you I think your an amazing and strong person! Praying for you and your family friend! p.s. sounds like a perfect summer :)

Beth said...

horray for a day at the beach!

Sarah B. said...

There's NOTHING like summer break! I love that photo, too :)

Kim said...

what a great shot! loooove the beach :)

thanks for linking up!

hannah singer said...

love the beach! lived ten years on the east coast and always loved watching the kiddos in the summer. such a sweet freedom for them!