Saturday, June 18, 2011

my dad

My dad is the kind of guy who had to pull everything together when he was told by the doctors to be prepared to lose his wife and unborn child.

That child was me.

My mom, like me, has lupus. Her lupus has been life threatening at many points of her life due to severe organ involvement.

The doctors described it as miracle when I was born 2 months early as healthy as possible despite her health situation.

My dad is the kind of guy who took care off 3 kids as his wife battled back to good health.

My dad is the kind of guy who made it a priority to coach his kids' teams. Even the third time around with me.


It was important to him.

It was important to me.

My dad is the kind of guy who drove me to doctors and wrote endless notes on my health history when my lupus sypmtoms 1st appeared when I was 16.

My dad is the kind of guy who embraced me getting married even when my hubby asked for my hand in marriage when we were 20 and still in college. He is a good judge of character and trusted us despite our young age.

And there is just something uniquely special between a father and daughter on the day he gives her away to form a new life with her husband.


My dad is the kind of guy who became a grandpa and is now willing to babysit and play with the kids even without my mom there. I know not all men of his generation are comfortable with that, but he is. I love that about him.

So this Sunday, I wish my Dad and all Dad's who go the extra mile a very Happy Father's Day.

Much love,


gratefulmama said...

Beautiful! You were blessed with such a wonderful man to call your father.

hannah singer said...

oh, i love this. what a man! praising jesus with you for such a great dad!!


{cuppakim} said...

just got back from dinner with my own dad who i love as much as i'm sure you do yours.

sweet post. i love this. your dad sounds amazing. :)

Genn said...

What a guy. Happy Father's Day to your Dad Katie.
Sweet post. And adorable picture of the two of you when you were a little girl. And on your wedding day.

Laurie J said...


Anonymous said...

What a great guy! Hope your dad and your hubby had a wonderful day today ;D
HUGS to you.

I am resorting to anonymous because my commenting is wonky.... STILL.

[BOYS]terous Brooke

missmehoneybee said...

Wow. What a awesome Daddy!

Nessa said...

Beautiful... What a lovely tribute to obviously a wonderful dad.