Monday, June 27, 2011

shark cake

Kevin and I really dig making cakes for our boys' birthdays. We used to buy themed cakes, but soon realized how much we love doing this for our boys. You can see our past cakes here and here.

When it comes to parties, I choose to spend my energy on certain things. I am a thematic girl. That's the teacher in me. When my boys tell me what kind of party they want, my wheels start spinning. I'm not crafty, but I can throw down a theme like there's no tomorrow.

For some odd reason, I love putting together the party favors. I bought different colored buckets, put their names on them and filled them with $1 dive toys, rafts, books, and shark squirt guns (forgive i-phone photos)...



The big kids got this book instead of the little kid book...


Everything else worked well for both the biggies and the littles.

I topped off the buckets with a shark hat which they wore when we sang "Happy Birthday" to Charlie...


You can check out the party here.

Now let's get down to business, friends.

Charlie wanted a Shark cake this year. We had his party at our local YMCA. He had an underwater themed party so the shark was just right.

Check out the steps.




My hubby is the carver and decorator. I just bake it. Well, and test it. A few times. You know, just to make sure it is good.

Final touches: chocolate rock candy from the Sweet Factory and teeth from candy corns.


Charlie was one happy birthday boy.

Much love,


april@gingerbread said...

oh em gee...that is an awesome cake...what a good mamma you are!!!

Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the mom/dad cake making tagteam. So awesome. And so with you on the not so crafty theme running. I'm exactly the same. Love it, Katie!!! You must have had one thrilled bday boy!

hannah singer said...

making cakes IS fun! what a great thing to do as a couple! party favors are my fave, too! the shark party sounds awesome!!


Charla Liedahl said...

Adorable! I wish I were brave enough to try and make cakes for my kids. I'm afraid they'll be a mess and then I'd ruin their birthday good ol' bakeries are my friend!

{cuppakim} said...

omgsh. those teeth had me so freaked out. i was like um, WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?

Candy corns. Hahaah.

awesomely disgusting. :)

the lowes said...

oh my goodness I am utterly impressed!!! thats amazing and super cute!!!

TiffanyAnn said...

Adorable!!!! What a fun theme!

Jami said...

Ummm, that is a lot of fabulousness! I love the pic of your little man in front of the cake. Sooo cute!

Hannah said...

I am actually jealous of Charlie! Sharks are my all time favorite animals and I wish *I* could have a shark party too...can you be my Mama for just next week Katie? ;-)) You guys ROCK!!!

Laura Beth said...

Wow! That cake is impressive, any kid's dream :)

Thanks for stopping by astepinthejourney

Genn said...

WOa you are one talented cake making lady!
That looks great! I don't have the patience to decorate cakes I don't think.
Very creative. :)

Angee said...

Great job. Those teeth are too cute.

Jessa said...

That cake is insane. Love it.

Erin Spross said...

You outdid yourself! I'm so into the themes as well- maybe we should go into business! And the cake- amazing!