Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a God Thing-Link Up

I have been thinking about my Grandma Mary a lot lately. June 6th was her birthday, but she is no longer with us to celebrate. To say that I miss her a bunch is an understatement.


I often think about the spiritual footprints that she left for us to follow.

She had a heart that sought after God. I clearly remember from the time that I was very little seeing her praying and reading her bible. When we visited her in North Dakota, we attended her church and as the midwesterners say, said "grace" before dinner. I started reading the same devotion, "Our Daily Bread" as I got older because I remembered her reading it. When we wrote letters to each other when I was in college, she'd always closed with "God Bless."

Those actions are her spiritual legacy.

As I think about my own children, I often ponder what I want them to leave the nest with.

What will I imprint on their hearts before they are adults? For I know the time will come when they will spread their grown wings and fly away.

I don't want the busyness of daily life to cloud the opportunities for sharing my faith with them. I hope for them to see God in our everyday circumstances, not just at church on Sundays.

Just like my Grandma Mary, I want my children and their children to see by my daily actions, not just my words.

I pray that I will leave a spiritual legacy that will pass from generation to generation.

Much love,

A special thank you to those of you linking up! xoxo


Anonymous said...

I am so with you. I think about this all the time.....

Jessica Johnson said...

yes! i worry that we legacy will be more about yelling and cupcakes vs. what really matters. kayla and i are going to start a big girl bible study this summer and i am super excited!

we lost our grammy 8 years and i still think about her ALL the time. :(

hannah singer said...

this is always on my mind too, katie. i want to be a gift to my family, with little to forgive and lots to cherish. lord, help me to reflect CHRIST and not how i "feel" sometimes! xoxo

here's my post to share!

Nessa said...

I love this... showing them through your actions not just your words. Beautiful and I am sure your Grandma Mary would be very proud and honored.

Laurie J said...

great words to live by. it looks like you are off to a super start, for Jesus daily in the midst of raising your 3 lil guys--don't we know they pick up on more than we'd ever think ;)!!