Sunday, June 12, 2011


This Sunday was a day of firsts.

As I was attempting my 1st time of making salad dressing from scratch, my sweet Charlie ran inside and proclaimed, "Mom, you have to come outside! I'm riding my bike without wheels!"

Now let me backtrack.

1. Some of you may be thinking, "how hard is it to make salad dressing? I do it all the time." Well let me tell you, this girlfriend desperately desires to be Martha, but so far I buy my goods at Trader Joe's and call it a day.

2. I grew up with an awesome dad who cooked. I never assumed that I'd be the one responsible in the kitchen. However after one day of passing on the kitchen baton to the hubs, I happily reclaimed my duty. Enough said.

Let me tell you. I thought it would just require balsalmic vingerette and olive oil. However just to be certain, I googled it and found a recipe that included garlic, brown sugar, salt, and pepper. With a little 1-2-3, I whipped it up and put it in a mason jar because everything tastes better in a mason jar.

A perfect summer salad...


So let me bring this story home. As I mentioned, Charlie ran in with big news. I stopped prepping the salad and walked outside to see my almost 5 year old peddling on a bike that in my mind, he was way too small to ride on. Apparently my perception of my children is off. I think I still see them as toddlers. Not only did he fit on the bike, but he was cruising on it without training wheels.




Can we stop the clock already? Seriously. Stop. The. Clock.

Additionally, my 3 year old speed demon, Razor scooter riding pro decided to hop on Charlie's old bike with the training wheels and gave it a go.

There was a lot of pedal...brake...pedal...brake action going on.


He thought he conquered the world of big boys. I won't tell him that he'll always be our baby.


What about your neck of the woods? Any firsts happening?

Much love,

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april@gingerbread girl said...

awww thats so cute!!! I love the last picture the best...sweet kisses.

Belinda - The Lattimore Acre said...

Yay for Charlie! My just four year old loves the training wheels so much. I think it will be some time before they come off. Here is a link to some super easy salad dressings (made in a jam jar of course!!) ENJOYxo

Mommy Minded said...

Yay! I love that scrunched up little face on the last one! lol so cute!


Jessica said...

Your salad looks delicious, but I ADORE that last picture! There's nothing sweeter! Happy Monday!

gratefulmama said...

That salad looked really good! I might make it a first with the salad dressing too.

Nicky said...

I'm craving salad... and a chubby cheek to kiss! What a sweet post.

{cuppakim} said...

too cute! congrats to your boys - definitely entering big kid world!

i still remember learning to ride a 2-wheeler - such a good feeling! :)

glad you got to witness all of it.

and i feel ya on the homemade salad dressing - i bought one of those little mix bottles, but never made any ahha!

theolivetree said...

Oh what a big boy!!! Homemade salad dressing in mason jars are the best!! I like to add blue cheese to my olive oil/ ving. dressing : )

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Yeah for firsts!!

Erin said...

Congratulations on your salad dressing & to the boys, on their bike riding. Hooray! All three thins are great.
I totally don't know why I don't make my own dressing more often.

Jami said...

ooooohhhhhh he looks so proud!!! I also have an awesome Dad who has always done all the cooking and I often tease him that he really let me down by not teaching me all his tricks! I feel ya girl ;)

Kelly said...

yay for the lil' BIG boy. i love to see kids learn they are so proud. it's priceless.

Heidi said...

fun, fun! I've got two busy boys too! :) our youngest just turned 3 and has learned to pedal a bike/trike recently and our 6 yr old is all about riding *one* handed - ha what a dare devil!

we're also just entering the wide world of sports with the eldest. he's super excited about ALL of them!

boys are SO super fun!

Genn said...

That salad looks so tasty!
And hooray for your son for no training wheels, but i hear ya, stop the clocks. My oldest has not take hers off yet and I think I will be scared to death when she wants to!

Charla Liedahl said...

What a lovely looking salad! I have never made my own dressing either...because there are so many good ones out there! And yay for bike riding milestones!

Lexi said...

Great pictures!

And I desperately want to make salad dressing but I'm so intimidated and I don't know why. Though I like the mason jar idea!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

Nessa said...

yumm I love salad dressing out of a mason jar! and seriously slow down on the growing Charlie!! I bet you were so proud too.

likeschocolate said...

Those faces are precious!