Wednesday, June 1, 2011

james bond

Here's what happens when you try to get all James Bond on your kids.

You buy the All Natural Jamba Juice fruit and yogurt mix (don't judge) because there are some days when you want to do less than more.


You proceed to add the apple juice.

With stealth like moves, you take 2 handfuls of organic baby spinach.


You push "blend".

And then you silently chant in your head...

Blend greens, blend greens, blend greens!

And when it turns out looking like puke, you worry a bit.


Mission Accomplished when it came to the hubs and Jack.


Not so much for the other two boys.

Charlie went to another room due to his hyper-mode sniffing abilities. Everything bothers that kid's sensitive nostrils.

Luke was a no-go once he caught sight of it. So I whipped up a mango smoothie sans spinach for him. Yes, I was suckered into it, but you have to give every once in a while, right mamas??? I think I am finally learning that lesson.



Much love,

P.S. A huge thank you to Grace, Karrie, Erin, and Greta for linkin' up on Sunday for It's a God Thing on Sunday. I hope you link up this week. It will start Sat. night and go through Sunday. Here is what it is all about.


Anonymous said...

cut back on the spinach, use a some kind of berries (they really add color) and use OJ instead of apple because this will camoflauge the spinach better. Janna

hannah singer said...

sneaky! you'll totally fool them next time, i just know it, mama 007!
looking forward to linking up sunday! xoxo